Nappanee Theatre

The Nappanee Theatre originally opened in 1926 as the Fairy Theatre. The week before the theatre opened, the Nappanee Advance-News spoke highly of its original owner, Guy Loudermilk, stating he “had left nothing undone” when building the new theatre. The theatre opened its doors in 1926 with “Let’s Get Married.” Ticket prices varied, costing ten or fifteen cents to see a show at that time. The theatre also had live shows intermittently, such as the Weidengott Radio Girls and Master Phillip Brownstellar. Seating up to 435 people, the theatre maximized its space using the balcony and box seats above.

In 1936, the theatre changed hands but continued to have both movies and live shows. With some remodeling and updating, the theatre stayed open for seven nights a week. A neon sign with the theatre’s name was added to the outside to draw people in. Even though the theatre name has been updated to reflect its modern usage, the mosaic tile under and around the box offices still bears its original namesake.

Today, the theatre is independently owned and operated, and continues to screen movies, usually on Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings. For more information, please visit their Facebook page