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Retail Establishments in Nappanee

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Can the town get a basic Wal-Mart? Maybe a Wendy’s or Golden Corral?

Brooklyn Moore Changed status to publish June 4, 2018

Thank you for your question concerning retail establishments in Nappanee. While I would like for Nappanee to have a Walmart, a Wendy’s, and a Golden Corral, sometimes there are factors outside of our control that influence the decision. As a governmental entity, Nappanee tries to provide the best environment for business to thrive (zoning, taxes, utility rates, permitting, etc.). However, many of the national chains that you mention have certain criteria that Nappanee may not meet (i.e. population, geographic location to other stores, proximity to interstate highways, etc.).

I know it is not always convenient, but between Goshen, Elkhart, Warsaw, and Plymouth, you can most likely find one of these stores within 20-30 minutes. In many larger cities it may take you that long to drive 5 miles to the nearest location. I would also encourage residents to explore some of our local stores and Amish shops in and around Nappanee. I think you may be surprised at the diversity you will find.

Having said all that, The City of Nappanee and the Chamber of Commerce would be happy to talk with anyone interested in bringing new business to Nappanee.

Mayor Jenkins

Brooklyn Moore Changed status to publish May 14, 2018