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I’m younger but I have a question about our streets, why do we have so many potholes? Why can’t we fix them? Sorry if this is kind of rude but yeah, thank you for being a amazing mayor!

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Potholes are caused when water enters small cracks in concrete and asphalt. When the water freezes, it expands, putting tremendous pressure on adjacent surfaces. The freezing loosens the pavement, creating a larger opening. When the water thaws it settles deeper in the crack, creating more damage the next time it freezes. This cycle continues until the pothole is repaired.

In climates like Indiana, where the freeze and thaw cylce is more frequent, potholes are more common. The best solution for potholes is to fill them and seal them using hot mix ashphalt (HMA). Unfortunately, potholes are most common in the late winer and early spring before the HMA plants are open. So, we will them with a cold patch material, which is only a temporary solution, until it can be fixed properly.

We also try to prevent potholes from occuring by resurfacing streets, crack-sealing, and fog sealing existing streets. Each year our Street Department rates the condition of our City streets to determine priorities for asphalt improvements. Based on available funding, we try to maintain and continuously improve the overall condition of our roadways. Thanks to additional State funding and the Community Crossings grants, local communities will be better able to make the necessary improvements.

State Road 19 and U.S. Highway 6 are maintained by the Indiana Department of Transportation. County roads, outside of the corporate limits of Nappanee, are maintained by either Elkhart County Highway Department or Kosciusko County Highway Department. We work closely with these departments to alert them about road conditions within and around the City of Nappanee. To report a pothole 24/7 on an interstate highway, U.S. highway, or state road, please refer to the INDOT map and visit www.indot4u.com to report the pothole. You can also call 855-INDOT4U (463-6848). Below is the contact information for county roads:

Elkhart County Highway

Kosciusko County Highway

For potholes on Nappanee City streets fill out our online form at https://www.nappanee.org/information/report/


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