How often can I have a sale?2018-02-22T18:35:05-05:00

Each address is permitted two (2) sales each year, lasting as long as three (3) consecutive days.

Who do I need to notify if I’m having a sale?2018-03-29T15:06:21-04:00

Call the clerk-treasurer’s office at 574-773-2112 for more information about obtaining a permit for your sale. If your sale will create traffic issues or require a street closing, permission may be needed from the Nappanee Board of Works and Safety.

Do I need a permit to have a sale?2018-02-22T18:32:40-05:00

Yes, a fee of $5 must be paid at the clerk-treasurer’s office in City Hall prior to the beginning of the sale.

When does the city take large items?2018-02-22T18:31:54-05:00

As per the new guidelines for trash collection, two (2) odd trash items will be picked up free of charge each month. These items will need to be prescheduled with Borden by calling 1-800-386-3313.

Does the city have a hazardous waste pickup?2018-03-29T15:11:38-04:00

Household hazardous waste, including paint cans and oil-based products, may be taken on the first Saturday of each month (8:00am-3:00pm) to the rear of the Elkhart County Corrections Complex, 26861 CR 26, Elkhart. The Elkhart County Solid Waste Management District organizes these collection days; call 574-293-2269 for more information.

Where do I put my recyclables?2018-02-22T18:30:30-05:00

Recyclables, such as plastic bottles, cardboard and newspapers, may be taken to the City’s recycling collection point north of Martin’s Super Market off of Oakland Avenue (CR 7). Rechargeable or nickel-cadmium batteries may be dropped off at City Hall for recycling. Customers may also arrange curb side pickup with Borden at their own expense by calling 1-800-386-3313.

When are brush and leaves collected?2018-02-22T18:29:44-05:00

The Nappanee Street Department will collect these items regularly. Brush is taken on Mondays, weather permitting and when left at the curb; the pile should be small enough for one person to handle. Leaf collection is done seasonally.

What can I leave at the curb for trash pickup?2018-02-22T18:29:02-05:00

Please see the collection guidelines and regulations.

Who do I call if my trash wasn’t picked up?2018-03-29T15:20:58-04:00

Please call the clerk-treasurer’s office right away at 574-773-2112. The pickup schedule on non-holiday weeks will be:

  • Wednesdays – West of SR 19, North of US 6 and all areas South of US 6
  • Fridays – East of SR 19, North of US 6
  • For more information click here
What should I do if a tree is in the road?2018-03-29T15:21:50-04:00

Please call in the locations to City Hall at 574-773-2112 during business hours or the emergency services dispatch center at 574-773-8400 on nights and weekends. If a power line is down, please call the emergency NIPSCO line at 1-800-464-7726.

Who can I call if I have a sewer or water problem?2018-03-29T15:22:52-04:00

Blocked or broken lines with backup issues can be called into the Nappanee utilities office at 574-773-4623 during business hours or the emergency services dispatch center at 574-773-8400 on nights and weekends. Please check the utilities department page for more information.

How can I report a crime?2018-03-29T15:24:16-04:00

Emergencies and critical issues needing immediate attention should be phoned into the emergency services dispatch center at 911. Routine issues or problems not requiring emergency response may be called in at 574-773-8400. The Nappanee Police Department accepts questions and tips as well. You can also visit our Report… page to fill out an online form.

When do you test tornado sirens?2018-02-22T18:24:20-05:00

Nappanee’s outdoor warning system is tested every Thursday at 2:00pm. Additionally, a test will be conducted each March during Severe Weather Awareness Week, and notice will be posted to the media and on the City’s Facebook page.

Where do I go during a tornado warning?2020-06-08T14:30:10-04:00
  • In the event of a weather emergency, the following locations will be open as shelters. During a tornado warning, take shelter immediately. Develop a plan to get your family to safety during critical times. For more information on tornado preparedness visit the EMS page.
    • Nappanee United Methodist Church, 301 E. Market Street
    • Berea Fellowship, 545 N. Main Street
      • (formerly North Main Mennonite Church)
    • Nappanee Church of the Brethren, 301 Mack Drive
    • Healing Hearts Community Church, 655 S. Main Street
    • First Mennonite Church, 900 W. Market Street
    • Living Gospel Church, 302 W. Walnut Street
  • The National Weather Service – Indiana has designated a week in March as Severe Weather Preparedness Week. A statewide tornado drill will be conducted during this week. The City of Nappanee will participate in these drills. The tornado sirens will be activated at these times. We encourage citizens to please take some time to prepare your homes and families for the upcoming thunderstorm and tornado season.
When are the elections?2018-02-22T18:22:57-05:00

To be determined

How can I register to vote?2018-03-29T15:25:43-04:00

Call the Elkhart voter registration office at 574-535-6774 or visit indianavoters.com

Who is my representative?2018-03-29T15:29:30-04:00
Where do I vote?2018-03-29T15:30:32-04:00

Elkhart County has 25 voting centers throughout the county. Nappanee’s center is located at the First Brethren Church, 1600 N. Main Street. Please call the county’s election supervisor at 574-535-6469 to inquire about absentee or early voting. The county’s voter registration office at 574-535-6774, can answer specific questions about where to vote.

What holidays does the city government observe?2020-02-25T20:58:46-05:00
  • City government will observe the following holidays in 2020. On these days, City Hall will be closed and issues needing immediate response, such as sewer backups and water leaks, should be reported to the emergency services dispatch center at 574-773-8400.
  • Holiday Schedule 2020:
    January 1: New Year’s Day
    January 20: Martin Luther King Day
    February 17: President’s Day
    April 10: Good Friday
    May 25: Memorial Day
    July 4: Independence Day
    September 7: Labor Day
    November 11: Veteran’s Day
    November 26-27: Thanksgiving
    December 24: Christmas Eve PM
    December 25: Christmas
    December 31: New Year’s Eve PM
What do I do when my street light is out?2018-03-29T15:35:21-04:00

Please call City Hall at 574-773-2112 to report a problem or visit Report… and click street light outage and this will direct you to the NIPSCO website. From there you will need to zoom in on Nappanee and what street the light is out on.

Please be sure to have the pole number or the nearest physical address for the light that is out. You can also call NIPSCO directly at 1-800-464-7726

Where do I pay my bills?2020-01-07T21:08:31-05:00

Residents may visit City Hall to pay on water and sewer bills or you can Pay Online, as well as city permits. The city does not collect property taxes – landowners should contact the Elkhart County Treasurer’s office 574-535-6759, for more information and payment locations.

Are City Meetings open to the public?2018-02-22T18:17:44-05:00

Yes, Nappanee city government strongly endorses Indiana’s Open-Door Law. During many meetings, public comment is taken on any issue; Plan Commission and the Board of Zoning Appeals have guidelines for accepting comments at public hearings on specific land-use requests.

Where is City Hall?2018-03-29T15:38:21-04:00
  • The Nappanee Municipal Building is located at 300 W. Lincoln Street. The Fire Department is in an adjoining building, and the Police Department and EMS stations are located across the street at 301 W. Lincoln Street.
  • City Hall: 574-773-2112; Police: 574-773-8400; EMS: 574-773-5658; Fire: 574-773-4000
What are your hours?2020-01-06T19:41:52-05:00

City Hall is open from 8:00am-5:00pm weekdays. At times, the building will be open after those hours for public meetings of the city council, plan commission and other boards. Please see the community calendar for a list of events at city hall and around Nappanee.