Wastewater Treatment Facility

Wastewater Treatment Facility2018-10-25T19:52:03-04:00

Nappanee’s sewer system is top-notch because of its wastewater treatment facility. The highly technical process removes most contaminants from water before it is returned to the environment.

You can help maintain our investment. Nappanee has a specific sewer use ordinance  describing what can be sent to the sewer system. You can read more about the damage debris and contaminants can do within the collection system and the environment by visiting the CSOs and Environmental Awareness page.

Problems with sewage backup into homes should be reported immediately by calling the utilities office at 574-773-4623 during business hours or the emergency services dispatch center at 574-773-8400 on nights or weekends. Our on-call staff will return your call to collect information and begin to address the issue. If city lines are clear, however, the property owner will need to enter into a private agreement with a plumbing contractor to fix any problem.

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