The Nappanee Police Department has qualified, professional law enforcement officers who are dedicated to the peace and prosperity of our city and the surrounding community. The full-time officers and volunteer reserves maintain certifications and take part in continuing education to provide the best possible service. Department employees understand the community measures our overall success by our honesty, morality, compassion, sincerity, and attitude.

Emergency Call Information:

If you notice a crime being committed please contact the Police Department as soon as possible by calling 911 immediately. Make sure you state the location, type of problem, and give the dispatcher all of the information you have available.

Emergency Call Information:

If you are calling to report a crime that has already occurred at some time in the past or to ask a question, please call the Non-Emergency Dispatch number of 574-773-8400. This direct number to the dispatch center is available 24 hours a day to handle calls. Some examples of times when it is appropriate to use the Non-Emergency number are:

  • Past auto theft
  • Past vehicle burglary
  • Past theft of property
  • Noise problems (parties, music, etc.)