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Contact Us / Report Information

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We want to hear from you. We welcome community feedback, crime tips and citizen complaints. Please follow the following links to learn more and to make a submission.

Community Feedback

The Nappanee Police Department values the input of the residents that it serves. The Department seeks feedback on the manner in which service is provided. Residents can use this online form to provide constructive feedback about a situation they were involved in or observed. Members of the Department’s Administration will use the information to evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of operations. If you wish to discuss a matter in person, contact the police department.

Thank you for taking the time to provide feedback on the quality of service offered by our organization.

Steve Rulli, Chief of Police

Citizen Complaint Procedures

The Chief of Police has a legal mandate to ensure procedures exist for investigating complaints made by members of the public against Police Department personnel.

The employees of the Nappanee Police Department are carefully selected, highly trained and serve with a pride of professionalism. However, as in any organization, deviations from ideal performance can occur. Allegations of misconduct against Department personnel are investigated thoroughly and objectively, and appropriate actions taken, with the goals of maintaining the integrity of the Department and the confidence of the public.

The proper administration of law enforcement will only be assured if a highly professional police agency is maintained. The Nappanee Police Department has made diligent efforts to achieve this professional status and it is our desire to provide the means whereby it will be sustained.

Emergency Call Information:

If you notice a crime being committed please contact the Police Department as soon as possible by calling 911 immediately. Make sure you state the location, type of problem, and give the dispatcher all of the information you have available.

Non-Emergency Call Information:

If you are calling to report a crime that has already occurred at some time in the past, or to ask a question, please call the Non-Emergency Dispatch number of 574-773-8400. This direct number to the dispatch center is available 24 hours a day to handle calls. Some examples of times when it is appropriate to use the Non-Emergency number are:

  • Past auto theft
  • Past vehicle burglary
  • Past theft of property
  • Noise problems (parties, music, etc.) *

*Response to Loud Parties: If you are calling regarding a loud or large party, gathering or event, you may be asked if you want to be contacted by the responding police officer or wish to prosecute. However, contact with the responding officer or your desire to prosecute may not be necessary for the responding officer to resolve the problem through enforcement action. If the responding police officer determines the incident is a threat to the public peace, health, safety, or general welfare, the officer can take enforcement action in order to deter additional responses without contacting you or obtaining your signature on a private person’s arrest form.

Report/Submit a Crime Tip:

Please use this form to report a suspected crime or know of any valuable information. Your information will be reviewed promptly by the police.

Report Graffiti:

There are many reasons why graffiti goes unreported:

  • Residents assume that the graffiti has already been reported
  • Residents are too busy to report graffiti
  • Residents think that reporting graffiti takes too much time, or it is too difficult

Reporting graffiti is safe and confidential:
When residents report graffiti to dispatch, either by phone or through the mobile application, all calls are anonymous. The resident’s obligation and responsibility ends with reporting. The City will not contact the resident for court appearances or to identify the tagger. The tagger will not know the resident reported the graffiti, only that the graffiti was removed.

Never assume graffiti has been reported:
Most graffiti vandalism goes unreported. Vandalism that is left in public view for days, or even weeks, contributes to the decline of the neighborhood and draws more crime to the area. Graffiti that is removed within 72 hours has a nearly zero chance of reoccurrence. When residents report graffiti in the City of Nappanee, the vandalism is removed within 24 hours. Reporting is necessary for the rapid removal of graffiti vandalism.

Reporting graffiti takes minimal time and effort:
In the City of Nappanee residents can report existing graffiti for removal within 24 hours.

Call 574-773-4111 to report the vandalism

Report a Street Light Outage:

If you notice that a street light is out please contact our non-emergency number at 574-773-4111

Report a Code Violation:

If you notice a code violation and need to contact us, please contact our non-emergency number at 574-773-4111

Report a Street Sign Down:

If you notice that a street sign is down, please contact our non-emergency number at 574-773-4111


If you have any concern or notice any suspicious activity please feel free to fill out the form or contact us at 574-773-4111

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