Code Enforcement

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The Mission of Code Enforcement is to serve the citizens of Nappanee by encouraging voluntary compliance with all adopted City Ordinances through effective public contact and education, while building cooperative partnerships throughout our community and enforcing the law in an equitable and impartial manner.

Code Enforcement Priorities
The City of Nappanee has identified the following areas of priority for Code Enforcement:

  • Protect private property owners’ investments
  • Promote public health, safety and welfare
  • Educate residents
  • Enhance the quality of life and appearance in our neighborhoods

Community Involvement
City residents can take an active role in maintaining and improving the quality and condition of properties in their neighborhood by following the City of Nappanee’s Ordinances. These ordinances provide regulations to safeguard life, health, property and the public’s welfare.

It is the City’s policy to encourage voluntary code compliance by providing code violators and other responsible persons with the opportunity to comply with the City Ordinances without penalty. Voluntary compliance generally is less expensive for all parties and of a more satisfactory and lasting nature than involuntary compliance. Varied methods should allow code enforcement flexibility in creatively finding solutions to code enforcement issues.

The City of Nappanee encourages its citizens to become community-minded. You are encouraged to get to know your neighborhood and meet your neighbors. Working together we can provide and maintain safe, clean and attractive neighborhoods. Citizens are also encouraged to cooperate with one another in a friendly manner to resolve minor concerns before contacting Code Enforcement for assistance.

To contact the Code Enforcement Office:
Code Enforcement Officer Justin Lentz
301 West Lincoln Street
Nappanee, IN 46550