Solar FAQs2018-03-06T13:58:52-05:00
How Do I Receive Approval to Interconnect the System with the Grid?2018-02-21T15:32:07-05:00

Before a solar PV system can be connected to the utility grid, you must submit and Interconnection Application and NIPSCO must approve the project. For details, visit the NIPSCO Renewable Energy Projects webpage. It is recommended that you contact NIPSCO before designing your system and prior to submitting plans to the Building Department to determine if the system meets all criteria and technical requirements to be interconnected.

How Do I Pass the Inspection from the Building Department?2018-02-21T15:31:31-05:00

Review the inspection checklist to understand the requirements that a rooftop solar PV system must comply with to pass the inspection from the Building Department.

How Much Does a Solar Permit Cost?2018-03-21T15:35:24-04:00

The fee schedule is currently being updated. An updated version will be added to this webpage when it becomes available. Contact the Zoning Administrator for details: 574-773-2112

What Information is Required to Apply for a Permit?2018-03-21T15:35:51-04:00

The Building Department is currently reviewing the permitting process to improve communication and distinguish between systems requiring simplified or standard review. This section will be updated by July 2017. Contact the Zoning Administrator for details: 574-773-2112

How Do I Apply for a Solar Permit?2018-02-21T15:29:18-05:00

Solar PV systems require a permit from the City of Nappanee Building Department. See the Flow Chart below to understand how to obtain a permit. If your system will be grid-tried, be sure to contact the electric utility NIPSCO before beginning the process with the City.

How Do I Know I’m Getting a Fair Quote?2018-02-21T15:27:05-05:00

Review the consumer protection resources to make sure you understand any quote or contractor you are provided. These resources provide important questions to ask and describe the pros and cons of different ownership models.

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