Rental Registration

Rental Registration2018-03-05T18:18:10-05:00

Nappanee endorses minimum housing standards for rental properties. Landlords must register their properties at City Hall and be willing to comply with any necessary housing inspections prior to offering the apartment or house for lease. For more information, contact the zoning office at (574)-773-2112

Code Enforcement:
Nappanee is governed by three particular ordinances in regard to code enforcement. All three local rules are critical to maintaining an outstanding quality of life for city residents, and all three carry stiff penalties for violators.

The weed control ordinance allows city officials to step in and take necessary action if a property owner has failed to maintain the unimproved portion of a property. A junk and abandoned vehicle ordinance prevents inoperable cars and trucks from becoming neighborhood eyesores and targets for vandalism and other crimes. The minimum housing standard sets the rules for rental properties.