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Severe Weather Instructions

What to do when you receive a severe weather warning:

  • Go to a place of safety — a basement, hallway, or an interior room with no windows. AVOID WINDOWS! Flying glass can injure or kill.
  • Get under a piece of heavy furniture and cover yourself for added protection.
  • Monitor your local radio station.

What NOT to do:

  • Do not open doors or windows. Houses don’t “explode” and allowing strong winds in can do damage or cause injury.
  • Do not stay in a mobile home. Seek shelter in a stronger structure before the storm arrives.
  • Do not stay in a vehicle. Take shelter in a ditch or a culvert.

Commonly Asked Questions Regarding Sirens and Alerts:

Where are the shelter locations in Nappanee?

    • Nappanee United Methodist Church, 301 E. Market Street
    • Berea Fellowship, 545 N. Main Street
      • (formerly North Main Mennonite Church)
    • Nappanee Church of the Brethren, 301 Mack Drive
    • Healing Hearts Community Church, 655 S. Main Street
    • First Mennonite Church, 900 W. Market Street
    • Living Gospel Church, 302 W. Walnut Street

Can I call 911 for an update when I hear the sirens?
NO! Dispatchers will be extremely busy with the emergency causing the sirens to be activated. Residents can tune into local media outlets to gain up-to-date information.

What is the sound range of the sirens?
The siren sound range is approximately 1 mile. The sound range will vary based on location and conditions, such as hill terrain, buildings, and outdoor noise levels.

I don’t hear the siren when I am inside my house. Why?
The siren system was designed as a warning device to people that are outside of their homes, away from radio or television which may be broadcasting warnings. The system was never designed to be a warning device for people inside their homes. Some people will be able to hear the siren indoors, depending on how close the indoor location is to the nearest siren and depending on the volume of other noise indoors, such as TV, radio, or machinery.

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