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The EMS division began as a Basic Life Support Service (BLS) in 1976 with 17 members. In 2004, with the growing demands on EMS Providers, the City and EMS made the decision to go to a Paramedic Service.

EMS Mission Statement:
The Emergency Medical division will provide the highest level of pre-hospital basic and advanced life support with total regard for the best possible customer service.

The fundamental and unique mission is to develop and continually improve a medical care system while assuring high-quality patient care and appropriate response in emergency situations. In cooperation with the State and integrated with other agencies, we will promote all aspects of a comprehensive system of pre-hospital emergency medical care. We will also provide the highest quality continuing education for individuals who provide emergency medical services.

EMS Equipment:

Two (2) Medium-Duty ALS Ambulances, one (1) non-transport BLS Response Vehicle, one (1) Command Vehicle, and one (1) ATV for off-road use.

We are known for our professionalism and excellence in emergency care. It is our mission to provide compassionate, quality care to the citizens of Nappanee, Indiana, and to coordinate, develop, improve, and maintain a comprehensive and dynamic emergency medical services system to prevent and reduce premature death and disability.

We serve our fellow citizens with integrity and virtuous character. We maintain a positive and safe work environment where our brotherhood/sisterhood all share fair and equal treatment—without prejudice—regardless of race, ethnicity, and gender.