Provide Patient Feedback

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Before you get started:

We aim to give patients the best medical care, and your feedback helps us make adjustments and build on our work. If someone on our staff provided you with excellent care, please let us know so we can commend them for their work. Formal complaints also help us improve our service. Please file your complaint as soon as you can after the incident.

Did You Lose an Item?

If you were recently transported and you think a personal item may have been left in the ambulance, please contact us at 574-773-5658.

Patient Satisfaction Survey:

Through our Patient Satisfaction Survey, you can tell us about your most recent experience with us. We use your feedback to improve our service.

Patient Satisfaction Survey

File a Commendation or a Complaint Online:

Please complete this brief online form and make sure to check the “commendation” or the “complaint” box. You will need to give us your contact information as well as a brief description of the incident.

Commendation or Complaint
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