The Nappanee EMS began with a Basic Life Support Service (BLS) in 1976 with 17 members. In 2004, with the growing demands on EMS Providers, the City and EMS made the decision to go to a Paramedic Service.

We currently have 8 full-time Paramedics and 14 Volunteers. Of the 22 total members, 5 are Firefighters both serving the EMS and the Nappanee Fire Department. In our time as an EMS provider, we have had three chiefs: Ray Schwartz, Mike Stull, and our current Chief, Jim Sumpter.

Nappanee EMS Equipment and Service Area:
The Nappanee Emergency Services is proud to provide our community with two Type III ALS ambulances and two BLS non-transport 4-wheel drive response vehicles, also we provide an EMS response ATV (gator) for off road search/rescue.

The Nappanee EMS services a very large area, based at 301 W. Lincoln St. in Nappanee we service north to CR 46, East to CR 15, West to Marshall county line and south to CR 800 N. in Kosciusko county. In addition, we have mutual aid agreements with Foraker FD, New Paris EMS, Lutheran EMS in Bremen and Wakarusa EMS.

We are known for our professionalism and excellence in emergency care. It is our mission to provide compassionate, quality care to the citizens of Nappanee, Indiana, and to coordinate, develop, improve, and maintain a comprehensive and dynamic emergency medical services system to prevent and reduce premature death and disability.

We serve our fellow citizens with integrity and virtuous character. We maintain a positive and safe work environment where our brotherhood/sisterhood all share fair and equal treatment—without prejudice—regardless of race, ethnicity, and gender.

The patient care and services provided by Nappanee EMS follows a team approach. To this end, it is the goal of Nappanee EMS to assist all patients in realizing and maintaining a quality state of well-being.

Values & Ethics: 
Best Care Values

  • Empathy: We understand and meet our patient’s healthcare and emotional needs
  • Resilience: We understand the fight of many of our patients and put the same passion and energy into helping and assisting them.
  • Timeliness: We provide emergency medical response and transport in a timely manner.
  • Accountability: We take ownership of our responsibility for a patient’s well-being under our watch.
  • Delivery: We deliver our services in an effort to surpass patient expectations.
  • Quality: We monitor our quality of service through evaluations and reporting.
  • Education: We help patients, paramedics and healthcare providers to make better life-saving decisions through education and training.
  • Teamwork: We work together using multi-directional communication to ensure essential information flows securely throughout the department.
  • Efficiency: We implement effective technology and protocol based standards with each patient’s best interest and medical best practices in mind.
  • Confidentiality: Information received while engaged in a patient-provider relationship WILL remain guarded from those without a need-to-know. In compliance with all applicable HIPPA regulations.

EMT/Paramedic Code of Ethics: 
(written by: Charles Gillespie, M.D. — Adopted by: The National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians. 1978.)

Professional status as an Emergency Medical Technician and Emergency Medical Technician-Paramedic is maintained and enriched by the willingness of the individual practitioner to accept and fulfill obligations to society, other medical professionals, and the profession of Emergency Medical Technician. As an Emergency Medical Technician-Paramedic, I solemnly pledge myself to the following code of professional ethics:

  • A fundamental responsibility of the Emergency Medical Technician is to conserve life, to alleviate suffering, to promote health, to do no harm, and to encourage the quality and equal availability of emergency medical care.
  • The Emergency Medical Technician provides services based on human need, with respect for human dignity, unrestricted by consideration of nationality, race creed, color, or status.
  • The Emergency Medical Technician does not use professional knowledge and skills in any enterprise detrimental to the public well-being.
  • The Emergency Medical Technician respects and holds in confidence all information of a confidential nature obtained in the course of professional work unless required by law to divulge such information.
  • The Emergency Medical Technician, as a citizen, understands and upholds the law and performs the duties of citizenship; as a professional, the Emergency Medical Technician has the never-ending responsibility to work with concerned citizens and other health care professionals in promoting a high standard of emergency medical care to all people.
  • The Emergency Medical Technician shall maintain professional competence and demonstrate concern for the competence of other members of the Emergency Medical Services health care team.
  • As Emergency Medical Technician assumes responsibility in defining and upholding standards of professional practice and education.
  • The Emergency Medical Technician assumes responsibility for individual professional actions and judgment, both in dependent and independent emergency functions, and knows and upholds the laws which affect the practice of the Emergency Medical Technician.
  • An Emergency Medical Technician has the responsibility to be aware of and participate in matters of legislation affecting the Emergency Medical Service System.
  • The Emergency Medical Technician, or groups of Emergency Medical Technicians, who advertise professional service, do so in conformity with the dignity of the profession.
  • The Emergency Medical Technician has an obligation to protect the public by not delegating to a person less qualified, any service which requires the professional competence of an Emergency Medical Technician.
  • The Emergency Medical Technician will work harmoniously with and sustain confidence in Emergency Medical Technician associates, the nurses, the physicians, and other members of the Emergency Medical Services health care team.
  • The Emergency Medical Technician refuses to participate in unethical procedures, and assumes the responsibility to expose incompetence or unethical conduct of others to the appropriate authority in a proper and professional manner.
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