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The Nappanee City Council is comprised of five members elected to four-year terms: one at-large and four elected from four districts.

The City Council constitutes the legislative body of the city. It has power over the city budget and passes city ordinances and resolutions.

2022 Nappanee City Council Meeting Dates

The following order of business shall be followed at a meeting of the Common Council:

  1. Calling to order;
  2. Roll call by Clerk-Treasurer;
  3. Reading minutes and approval;
  4. Petitions or comments of citizens;
  5. Reports of Committees, Boards, and Commissions;
  6. Unfinished business, including Ordinances or Resolutions already introduced;
  7. New business, including the introduction of Ordinances and Resolutions;
  8. Approval of claims against City;
  9. Miscellaneous business, including any matters not already considered; and
  10. Adjournment. (’83 Code, § 3-8)

To see what City District you live in please visit our district map

To see the Council persons biography, please click on their name below.

Name Position Email
Kelbi Veenstra At-Large kveenstra@nappanee.org
Ben Leavitt District 1 bleavitt@nappanee.org
Dana Hollar District 2 dhollar@nappanee.org
Amy Rosa District 3 arosa@nappanee.org
David Kauffman District 4 dkauffman@nappanee.org
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