Plan Commission

Plan Commission2021-12-13T08:30:07-05:00

Meeting: 2nd Thursday of each month at 7:00pm at City Hall

Responsibilities: The Plan Commission’s duties and responsibilities include:

  • Keeping complete records of all proceedings;
  • Recording and filling all bonds and contracts; and assuming responsibility for the custody and preservation of all its paper and documents;
  • Preparing, publishing and distributing reports, ordinances and other materials relating to authorized activities;
  • Certifying all official acts;
  • Supervising its fiscal affairs, including preparation, submission and adherence to an annual budget;
  • Issuing recommendations to the Nappanee City Council;
  • Initiating proposed amendments to the zoning ordinance, and reviewing all proposed amendments to the zoning ordinance brought by the public;
  • Reviewing all Historic Preservation Overlay Districts;
  • Reviewing all development plans for proposed Planned Unit Development; and
  • Reviewing all parking plans.
  • Planning and Zoning information

The Nappanee Plan Commission helps manage the city’s growth and development. The Plan Commission also helps the City Council develop and update City Ordinances, the Comprehensive Plan, the Thoroughfare Plan and other long-range plans for housing, transportation, neighborhood development, parks, commercial development and public facilities. The Plan Commission consists of 7 voting members.


Amy Rosa
Louis Bonacorsi
Ben Leavitt
Wayne Scheumann
Jim Stover
John Woolley
Mike Beer

To contact any of these members please call Nappanee City Hall at 574-773-2112

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