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Historic Preservation Commission

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Meeting: 2nd Tuesday every other month at 9:00am at the Council Chambers

Responsibilities: The Historic Preservation Commission is responsible for establishing local landmarks, like Brick Street, West Park, the Train Depot and Hartman House. The commission’s other powers and duties include:

  • Receiving and reviewing of all proposed Historic Preservation Overlay Districts;
  • Adopting and amending the “book of standards” for each overlay district, when requested;
  • Issuing all Certifications of an Appropriateness; and
  • Informing the zoning administrator of all violations of Section 11.9 of the Unified Zoning and Subdivision Control Ordinance

The Historic Preservation Commission was formed to protect and to promote the educational, cultural and general welfare of the citizens of the City of Nappanee and to ensure the harmonious and orderly growth and development of the City.

The Commission shall maintain established residential neighborhoods to ensure their distinctiveness; to enhance property values and attract new residents; to ensure the viability of the downtown area and to enhance tourism within the City of Nappanee.

The Commission shall preserve those qualities of the City of Nappanee, relating to its history and harmonious outward appearance of its structures be preserved. This purpose is advanced through the restoration and preservation of historic areas and buildings, the construction of compatible new buildings where appropriate, and the maintenance and assurance of compatibility in regard to style, form, proportion, texture, and material between historic buildings and those to contemporary design.

It is the intention of the City through this Commission to preserve and protect historic and architecturally worth buildings, structures, sites, monuments, streetscapes, and neighborhoods which impact a distinct aesthetic quality to the City and serve as a visible reminder of its historic heritage.

Visit http://historicnappanee.blogspot.com for more information.


Jennifer Hren
Jeanie Dudley
Scot Honeycutt
Rocki Stillson
Tim Weaver

To contact any of these members please call Nappanee City Hall at 574-773-2112

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