Nappanee Indiana City Government Structure

In Indiana, government structures mirror the federal and state levels with the executive, judicial and legislative branches. In Nappanee, the executive branch is the Mayor, who manages the daily operations of the city. He or she is elected to a four-year term.

The judicial branch is the City Judge who oversees the City Court located in City Hall. The Nappanee City Court is a court of limited jurisdiction, where traffic infractions, ordinance violations and criminal misdemeanor cases are heard and decided.

The legislative branch is comprised of a five-member City Council. One member serves at-large and the other four represent various districts of the city. The council is elected to four-year terms and all share the same election cycle along with the Mayor, Judge and Clerk-Treasurer.

In addition, Indiana designates cities as first, second and third class cities based on population and governing structure. Nappanee is designated as a third class city in Indiana and therefore has an elected Clerk-Treasurer, who is also elected to four-year terms.

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