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Harry Potter Day

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Join us as we celebrate the famous books and movies with a special day of wizarding!

Visit Gringotts to get your galleons then shop the village of Hogsmeade anytime from 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM. Enjoy some snacks at the Three Broomsticks, pick up a treat from Zonkos or if you’re in need of a wand, visit Ollivanders to see which wand chooses you!

After you have all your supplies, it’s time for classes at Hogwarts! Cost of class is 4 Galleons 2 Sickles 20 Knuts ($20.00) for a full class schedule and 2 game galleons OR you can pick and choose which classes you’d like. Classes will run every 30 minutes. Must have a ticket to enter. Pre-registration is encouraged by 10/2 but walk-ins will be welcome while supplies last for additional fees. Please see fee schedule for complete pricing.

Potions – Mix up a special concoction to take home and learn a little science too
Herbology – Learn about magical plants and how to care for them
Care of Magical Creatures – Meet live mystical animals and learn all about them
Transfiguration – Take an ordinary item, cast a spell and transform it into something special
History of Magic – Test your knowledge with clues and a scavenger hunt

If you or your child would like to receive a personalized letter, add on to your registration by 9/29 for $2.50 and have an owl deliver your very own letter! Letter is not included in “All Class” registration.

This event is open to muggles, wizards and fantastic beasts of all ages!

*Warner Bros and JK Rowling are in no way associated with this event. Harry Potter Day is a volunteer-based and fan-run event.

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